On the occasion of the Venice Biennale; held from May 26 to November 25, 2018; Simeon will play a leading role in the creation of one of the 10 chapels set up in the pavilion located on the island of San Giorgio.

By building the work created by the Paraguayan Javier Corvalán, that is part of a project involving international architects from all over the world.

A real challenge that brings back an indissoluble union between art and faith.
The 10 structures will represent the Holy See Pavilion, Vatican Chapels, recreating an ideal and at the same time real path where the public will live the enormous symbolic, spiritual and artistic value of each single work.

Simeon will create the chapel, which according to Corvalán's design will have the shape of a double-cased semi-cylinder in plywood, suspended and self-assembled by 3 steel supports,

The structure will be located inside the grove that will host all the works, binding itself harmoniously to the present nature.

Simeon is pleased to have been involved in the realization of this work and to be able to pay homage both artistically and spiritually to the Venice Biennale.

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