1. Consulting during the commercial phase

We study performance, materials and regulations to provide a comprehensive architectural consulting service.

2. Construction time and costs

Choose us as your design-assist partner for a reliable architectural estimate.

3. Customized technical solutions

Developing made-to-measure solutions is our forte, because every project is unique.

4. Prototyping and development of visual mockups

Full-scale architectural prototyping to identify the best solutions.

5. System engineering

We follow the highest quality and sustainability standards to turn any architectural vision into reality.

6. Performance verification testing

A comprehensive range of checks allowing us to validate our analyses and certify the performance of our designs.

7. Product certification and quality control

Thorough and expert quality checks to ensure our materials, treatments and methods are always perfect.

8. Production

Our production capacity boasts impressive numbers.

9. Installation

Expertise and know-how when it comes to site planning.

10. Maintenance plans

We carefully draw up maintenance plans to extend each building's lifespan.

11. After-sales care

We support our clients throughout the useful life of the building.

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