Aqualagon Village Nature

Aqualagon Village Nature

Bailly-Romainvilliers - Francia


The project, which will be part of the attractions of Euro Disney, takes into consideration wind orientations as well as the sun’s movement to optimize the use of natural resources and create a comfortable internal microclimate, minimizing the use of air conditioning systems.
The building has a very complex geometry. It is an irregular pyramid more than 35 meters high, surmounted by a glass roof. The pyramid is sculpted by an external pedestrian path that creates green spaces at altitude and designs the facades, all having different inclinations and geometries from each other.


The structure is made of wood. We had to create an integrated and three-dimensional design to verify the deformations, the different synergies between the shell and the frame, the connections and the most critical points. The glass façades optimize the supply of light energy and guarantee a close relationship with the outside. The steel supporting frame of the glass roof, which is positioned above a large empty space, was mounted at the foot of the roof and lifted entirely to be placed at a height.

Aqualagon Village Nature

Aqualagon, Bailly-Romainvilliers, Francia

Euro Disney S.C.A.

JFA Jacques Ferrier Architectures


Ucw < 1,1 W/m²K

5.000 m² facade uprights and transoms

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