Ex Magazzino Vini

Ex Magazzino Vini

Trieste - Italy

Suggestion and innovation

The building is Eataly's new sales outlet in Trieste. The restoration project has quite literally excavated a new building – ethereal, translucent and totally separate – inside the Ex Magazzino Vini (a former wine warehouse). The nineteenth-century walls of the original building have not been modified, while the new space extends over four levels.

The search for unconventional materials

The facade that encloses the new internal space has a corten structure and a double-glazed infill with an integrated golden metal mesh, inserted inside the layered glass and positioned so as to give the envelope a shimmering effect. The projecting roof that overhangs the historic walls is also made from corten. The restaurant has views over the sea, with a strikingly large window whose base measures 9 m.

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Ex Magazzino Vini

Riva Tommaso Gulli, 1, 34123 Trieste, TS, Italy


Fondazione CRTrieste

Functional Architectures

Ucw < 1,0 W/m²K

2.500 m²

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