The F Tower

Paris - France

A new skin for an "old" building

This imposing structure, home to the Ministry of Defense, was the subject of a restoration project aimed at improving the building's energy efficiency and removing asbestos.
The skeleton of the building – 17 floors for a total height of 62 meters – was preserved.

Tested and certified bespoke systems

The envelope is made up of six types of facade: cells, glazed ribbon facades, stainless steel structures, mullions and transoms on the ground floor, large folding gates, and armored bombproof doors and windows. Several systems were specially analyzed, tested and ATEX-certified.
A distinctive technical feature: the cells are not hung from the floors, since the load would be excessive; instead, they are anchored to the existing vertical columns.

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The F Tower

Place Balard, 75015 Paris, France

AIA / Franck Hammoutène

Service d’infrastructure de la Défense de Paris


Ucw < 1,7 W/m²K

15.000 m²

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