Trebel Tower

Bruxelles - Belgium

An ambitious architectural concept

Located in the heart of Brussels' European district, this emblematic building, brought to life by its ambitious architecture, houses a new set of offices belonging to the European Parliament.
The composition of each facade is optimized according to its orientation and the surrounding environment, while the entire building has a BREEAM Excellent rating, testifying to the design's focus on sustainability and energy conservation. The building's performance in terms of acoustics, safety and interior comfort is also excellent.

A changing building

The organic shape of the building plan involved the development of numerous profiles in order to allow the facade, made up of prefabricated cells with a double thermal break, to adapt to the ever-changing angles. The different colors of the vertical decorations adorning the exterior give the tower a different appearance depending on where the observer is standing.
An interesting fact: for the first time in the city of Brussels, the building's heating requirements are met by a large number of deep geothermal wells.

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Trebel Tower

Belliardstraat 71, 1000 Brussel, Belgium

M & J-M Jaspers & J. Eyers & Partners s.a.

European Commission


Ucw < 0,59 W/m²K
Ucw < 0,10 Btu/ft²h°F

11.000 m²
118.400 ft²

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