6. Performance verification testing

Analysis verification testing and certification

We validate theoretical engineering analyses by means of tests and checks conducted at both our production site and certified institutions. We strive to ensure that our projects meet the following certifications:
ISO 9001 for systems
EN 1090 - ISO 3834 for products (production of structural steel components)
EN 14351 - 1 for products (production of doors and emergency exits on escape routes)
PASS VEC for processes (for structural bonding)

We subject our designs to the following tests:

Air, water and wind: 10 facade systems tested in the last 4 years
Impact: 20 configurations of glass infills tested in the last 4 years
Earthquakes: 2 facades and solar shading systems tested in the last 2 years
Acoustics: 2 facade systems tested in the laboratory, 4 on-site
Check for lack of condensation build-up: 2 ventilated facade systems tested
Material durability: structural sealant adhesion test
Determining the performance of glass products in terms of lighting and energy
Wind tunnel: dynamic analysis of building models
Fire: 2 facade systems tested for fire response
Static/dynamic test for opaque siding components
Cyclic/mechanical resistance: 8 types of opening, up to 20,000 opening/closing cycles
Destructive/non-destructive testing: steel and welding joint characterization tests


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